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Jimo Qingdao set Fang gloves factory

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Jimo Qingdao set Fang gloves factory

Main Business:Gloves, overalls, masks, sleeve, cap, work aprons, wiping machine cloth, all kinds of labor supplies

Set Fang gloves set in Qingdao Jimo set Fang gloves factory, this factory production as a whole: from design, cutting, sewing, weaving and dipping, to finished products self-produced self marketing, brand: set Fang, in the production of quality first, service in good faith first, customer 0532-84551337

The main products are:

1   own patent latex gloves (also known as rubber gloves, dip plastic gloves, hanging plastic gloves, coated gloves, rubber gloves, gloves wrinkles, anti slip gloves, semi submerged rubber gloves), wire hanging rubber gloves.

2  cotton gloves (line, also known as gloves, gloves yarn, knitted gloves, cotton gloves, gloves, work gloves, regeneration of cotton yarn gloves, polyester cotton yarn gloves)

3  etiquette glove, and can also be used as working gloves (also known as jersey gloves, cotton gloves, cotton gloves, white jersey gloves, hoist the gloves, police gloves, mittens, bands gloves, gloves for quarantine, sanitary gloves, leisure gloves, gloves for morning exercise, computer gloves, driver gloves, cleaning gloves)

4  high temperature resistant gloves (also known as microwave oven gloves, insulated gloves, cold proof gloves, gloves)

5  (also known as work, front apron sleeve)

6   work clothes

7  (also known as electric welding gloves, welding gloves, welding gloves, gloves, welding gloves argon arc welding)

8  canvas gloves

9  cloth gloves

10   dress gloves (mainly velvet gloves, fleece gloves, velvet gloves, cloth gloves)

Set Fang gloves promise: labor protection to find a set of Fang Fang in good faith forever!



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